Healthy living environment from pure nature

The technology used to manufacture Isoplaat boards is green and environmentally friendly. Fresh coniferous wood chips are milled and formed into a homogeneous insulating boards. No glue or other chemicals are used to manufacture the fibreboard, only natural resins contained in the wood act as binding agents. Read more about fibreboard advantages

Product range

Isoplaat construction boards are following: insulation boardswind barrier boards and underlay. There are also additional areas of usage like packaging, noteboards, firelighters, candlewicks etc. 


Skano UNIVERSAL boards are with tongue and groove joints. Due to the ingeniously simple border profile of the Universal fibreboard, they can be used in a wide range of applications as sound or thermal  insulation materials.

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Company uses fibreboards for two main areas which are fire and acoustic doors and packaging.
Mika Salmela Purchasing Director of the company says that our material is natural and easy to work with plus it is recyclable.

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