ISOTEX interior panels are used when constructing new buildings and renovating old ones.
ISOTEX panels have thermal insulating and sound muting qualities. This is due to their porous but dense structure. Thanks to these structural qualities, the boards are dense, they improve the acoustics of the room significantly, preventing the outside noise from coming in and muting the noise and echo that are produced inside the room. The panels have excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities. An average sound reduction insulation of ISOTEX boards is 22 dB.

Thermal resistance
ISOTEX panels are excellent heat insulators. Thermal conductivity of the panels is 0.04–0.05 W/mK.
Utilization of ISOTEX panels also increases the temperature of the wall surface. Thermal insulation of 12 mm ISOTEX panel is equal to:

  • 12 mm blown wool
  • 44 mm wood
  • 210 mm red brick
  • 450 mm concrete

Environmentally friendly products
The technology used for production of ISOTEX interior panels is environmentally friendly and ecological.
We only use quality wood chips as raw material. We do not use glue or other chemicals to produce the wooden fibreboards. For producing fibreboards, wood chips are milled and the pulp is mixed with water, pressed and dried; natural resins contained in wood act as binding agents. We only use water-based glues to cover the boards. Wooden fibreboards retain all beneficial characteristics of wood: durability, viscosity, warmth and healthiness.

Installation of ISOTEX interior panels is easy. One person can easily install the lightweight panels. No special tools are needed for the installation and processing of the panels, you just need a carpet knife, pencil, tape measure, square, straight bar or a metal ruler, staples and a stapler and/or construction adhesive. Follow the installation instructions for ceiling or wall panels.
Choosing ISOTEX interior panels results in warmer and quieter rooms. This is the way to save time, money and nature.